Race specs

Weekend structure: Authentic (Imola, Austria, Brazil will be sprint)
Qualifying: Full
Race length: Long (50%)

Session Time: Realistic
Weather: Dynamic
Forecast: Approximate

Corner cutting: Strict
Parc Fermé rule: Active
Safety Car: Standard
Formation lap: Active

Pit stop type: Immersive
Safety Car type: Immersive
Formation lap type: Immersive

Car performance: Equal
Recovery Mode: None
Race Start: Manual

Collisions: Active
Ghosting: No
Car damage effects: Standard
Car damage: Standard

Low fuel: Difficult
Unsafe Release: No

Car setup: Complete
Surface type: Realistic
Tyre temperature: Surface and interior
Sim pitlane tyres: Yes

Driving assists

Steering Assist: No
Brake Assist : No
Anti-lock Brakes : No

Traction Control : No
Dynamic Trajectory : Corners
Gearbox : Manual

Pit Assist : No
Pit Release Assist : No
ERS Assist : No
DRS Assist : No

1a – Championship structure

The championship features two sections, Elite and Pro.

Both sections compete for their own Driver title, but also compete for the same shared Constructor title (to where the Pro section contributes with 50% of the points).

Teams are therefore made of 4 drivers (2 for the Elite section and 2 for the Pro section) with the aim of being able to grow along with fellow drivers and work together for both personal and shared goals.

The drivers go through a 7-day ‘Time Trial’ Qualification, in which they must record their best time on 3 different circuits (only times recorded during this period are valid).
At the end of this period, a final leaderboard is drafted where the top 20 drivers with the best average position compete in the Elite section and the next 20 drivers in the Pro section.
The top 6 finishers in each respective section cannot be teammates.

The choice of teams will be prioritised according to final position in the qualification.

1b – Management of drivers/absences

In case of absence, the driver is requested to report it in the appropriate discord channel within two hours before the start of the race of the section the driver is assigned to.

If the absent driver is from the Elite section, the team of the driver may replace him with one of its drivers from the Pro section if available, otherwise he will be replaced by a reserve driver if present and available.

If the absent driver is from the Pro section, the team of the driver CANNOT replace him with a driver from the Elite section, he can only be replaced by a reserve if present and available.

We reserve the right to replace a particularly absent driver from the Elite section with a driver from the Pro section of the same team if available, or otherwise by a reserve.

1c – License Points System and consequences

Each infringement during the race weekend sessions corresponds to a penalty.
Penalties are applied regardless of any other penalty the driver may have received in the game.

Each incident is assessed according to the specific context in which it occurred. The evaluation may lead to a penalty or even to nothing at all.

Some penalties correspond to an amount of points that is added to the points license.
– 4 license points = disqualification from Qualifying of the following race weekend
– 6 license points = disqualification from the following race weekend
– 8 license points = season finished

The penalty types also include Warnings that although are not as tangible as penalty seconds and license points, they do sum up.
Every three warnings you receive one licence point.

The license point count resets at the end of the season.

Any penalty received with a report in the last race of the season will be served/added to the license points at the start of the following season.

2 – Qualifying

a- In qualifying, it is the driver’s responsibility to take space on the track to start the flying lap.
A driver on his flying lap is therefore not expected to abort his lap if a faster car approaches from behind. A driver in a In/Out Lap or an aborted lap has to leave space for the other drivers on their flying lap in order to not damage him.

b- It is not allowed to retire from the session while on the track, the AI car could park close to the track and distract the other drivers.
If the driver wants to retire from the session he must do so in the pits, otherwise, anything that happens while the car is controlled by the AI will be considered the responsibility of the driver who retired and will result in a penalty.

c- In qualifying, it is not allowed to cut or avoid sections of track at any time, including IN/OUT lap.
Doing so to gain a time advantage will result in a penalty.

d- Disqualified drivers are not allowed to leave the pits and set any lap.

3 – Formation Lap

a- At the start of the formation lap wait until all drivers in front have started before moving. Also, it is necessary to respect one’s own positions.

b- During the formation lap, do not drive dangerously, sway excessively or slow down suddenly in front of someone.
Maintain a safe distance from the driver in front, but without creating an excessive gap.

4 – Race

Always race cleanly. No contact should occur between cars, and all drivers are expected to do their best to prevent this from happening. Accidents can happen, but if a driver has caused a collision, and it is reported, the driver will be penalised.
It is important to be aware where the cars are around you, it is crucial to pay close attention, both at the start of the race and in battles.

a- Do not be too aggressive in overtaking.
It is usually the responsibility of the chasing car to complete the overtake cleanly.

b- Never force a car to leave the track when side by side. If two cars are side-by-side in a corner they should always leave room for both.
Side-by-side is defined as having the front wheel of the chasing car at the same level as the rear wheels of the defending car.

c- Moving under braking is absolutely not allowed, because it can cause accidents.
Choose a braking line and keep it until the end of the braking section.

d- Waving or blocking the driver in your slipstream is not allowed on the straight.

e- Only one defensive movement is allowed when defending against an attacking car.
Choose a line and keep it, and be sure that the driver behind you has time to react.

f- Re-enter the track in a safe manner.
If a driver spins off the track while other cars are close, he must wait until it is safe before re-entering.
If a driver spins on the track he must remain stationary until cars pass.

g- When your own car or any surrounding cars are temporarily ghosted, you must consider them physically present.
It is forbidden to voluntarily exploit the situation to one’s own advantage and pass surrounding cars, except in cases of forced circumstances such as lag and position fluctuations due to connection.

h- Do not use the “Reset track” button, as this could cause accidents or dangerous situations.

i- If a driver believes he has received an unfair time penalty, he may request its removal by reporting the incident with video evidence including the race director (or screenshots of it). It will not be possible to compensate Drive Through/Stop&Go penalties already served.

j- If a driver considers that he has been unfairly disqualified from the race, he may report the incident with video evidence with the reason for the disqualification. If it is considered unfair, the driver will be classified as last and will possibly receive the points for that position.

5 – Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car

a- Maintain a good safety distance in order to: avoid hitting the car in front even if it brakes early, allow everyone to warm up their tyres safely, and also avoid the game going crazy and making you randomly overtake other cars resulting in the famous Illegal Overtaking.
We’re in SC, unless the game says you’re WAY too far behind, there’s no point in sticking or pulling alongside other cars, they’re not going anywhere!

b- Avoid pausing the game if possible, because sometimes the car of the person doing it will freeze, and may teleport in front or behind other cars, always resulting in illegal overtaking and various misunderstandings.

c- When someone overtakes illegally, if they don’t brake, slow down or let pass, they probably haven’t had any illegal overtaking, so the game will tell you to stay behind them, there is nothing you can do. Illegal overtaking will be triggered if you try to overtake him. You may only wait for the end of the Safety Car and overtake him again on the track.

d- When the Safety Car re-enters, the Race Leader will slow down a lot, in order to let the Safety car enter the pits and restart freely without the game intervening with the limiter so that you do not get too close to the SC. ONLY and ONLY when the SC has entered the pits the limiter will disappear.
Be very careful at this stage and avoid braking too hard and accentuating movements. As long as the yellow flag is in force, any attempt to overtake will result in an illegal overtaking situation.
Generally, overtaking is permitted as soon as the green flag is shown, but there may still be cases where it may be shown before the leader has crossed the line, in which case it is at the driver’s discretion to take the risk of overtaking.
Should an illegal overtaking incident occur under the green flag, we will not be able to intervene in any way.

e- It is forbidden to park or damage the car on purpose so as to cause a Safety Car / VSC.
Anyone failing to comply with the above rule will be penalised regardless of whether or not they have caused a SC/VSC entry.

6 – Miscellaneous

a- During the qualifying and race sessions, it is not allowed to access the other teams’ voice channels unless it has been agreed previously, as it disrupts the concentration of the other drivers and can lead to serious consequences on the race. You can discuss any incidents that may have occurred during the sessions in the post race, in the Paddock channels.
If any driver is found to be breaking this rule, the first time will receive an official warning, the second time will be blocked his access to the voice channels of all other teams.

b- In case of absence, please report it by 7pm on the day of the race, in the appropriate channel on the Discord server.

c- To send a report, you must fill in all the fields in the form linked in the appropriate Discord channel “report-an-incident”.
The time limit within which it is possible to send reports and counter-reports regarding the completed race weekend is Thursday at 7pm for reports, and Friday at 7pm for counter-reports.

d- If a driver is about to be lapped, he is expected to let faster drivers pass safely and without loss of time.
It is the responsibility of the driver being lapped to be aware of the situation.
Regardless of ghosting, the driver is expected to handle the lapped car in the traditional manner, leaving the ideal line and slowing down to allow the faster car to pass in the shortest possible time. Do not continue at normal race pace, and wait until the car you are lapping has fully completed the overtaking process.

e- If a driver is faster than the car lapping him, he should not attempt to overtake unless it is safe to do so, and will not damage the other car.

f- If lapped, do not continue to drive through the other driver’s car, as it will disturb both.
If you can’t split, stay behind the car in front at a reasonable distance.

g- Avoid pausing the game while on the track if possible, it could lead to dangerous situations or accidents.
The driver will be held fully responsible for any accidents caused by the AI. These accidents will be penalised as if they were driving.

h- Dropping out of the race: deliberately dropping out is not recommended, it would be preferable for all drivers to drive to the end of the race.
If you have to retire for any reason, find the safest place to park your car and retire there. As with pausing the game, the driver will be held responsible for any accident caused by the AI.

i- Do not use the “Reset track” button, as it may cause accidents or dangerous situations.

j- If during the first half of the race, at least 25% of the drivers suffer a disconnection/crash without being able to return, the race session will be restarted (with customised grid based on qualifying positions).
Depending on the time at which the conditions described here occur, it will be decided on the spot whether to restart the race immediately or within the next two days.

k- We reserve the right to intervene with sanctions above the regulations, with or without a report, in case of particular recidivism

m- It has been found that, in pitlane with a maximum speed of 60 km/h, if the Pit Limiter is engaged in a gear higher than second, the speed maintained by the limiter is 61-62 km/h. Therefore, one must always pay attention to the speed at which one enters the pitlane, with or without the Pit Limiter. The 5-second pitlane entry penalties received in this case will not be removed.




2a.1 – Impeding = 1 License Point
2a.2 – Impeding with collision = 1 License Point + 5 grid positions in the next race
2a.3 – Impeding with collision causing fatal damage: 2 License Points + 5 grid positions in the next race

2b – Retiring on the track during qualifying = 1 Licence Point + penalty 5 grid positions in the next race if damaging or distracting another driver (with complaint received with proof from the damaged driver)

2c – Cutting corners in the IN/OUT lap: if a driver makes a complaint with attached video evidence of cutting another driver, 1 License Point will be applied

2d – Ignoring Disqualifications received = 2 License Points

2e – Intentional DSQ in Qualifying = 1 License Point + Disqualification from the next qualification

Formation Lap

3x – 1 License Point will be applied for each driver seen not adhering to the above rules.


Grid reference action/incident (depending on context penalties may increase and/or add up)
– Warning (minor incidents, etc)
– 5 secs (minor loss of time/position)
– 10 secs (obvious loss of time/position or light damage)
– 1 licence point (significant damage or involves several cars with no retirement)
– 2 licence points (caused withdrawal and/or involves several cars)

Dive bombing, swaying, multiple movements, braking movements, dangerous re-entry and contact resulting from any of these actions or from a melee situation will not be tolerated and will be penalised according to the above grid according to context.

Any action deemed intentional will be handled separately outside the general rules. The first time could lead to an automatic disqualification from the race in which it happened and/or subsequent penalties in the form of disqualification from subsequent races.

If an incident is caused by lag, and is proven by video, no action will be taken.

Penalty Removal

4i-j – Warnings and penalties of 3, 5 or 10 seconds for corner cutting or provoked collision may be removed if, through video evidence and verification of the race director, which must be presented, the Stewards consider them to be unfair.

In the event that the race director is not presented with the report, direct penalties of 5 or 10 seconds considered unfair will be reduced to 3 seconds, while penalties of 3 seconds will not be removed.
Each type of disqualification will be handled on a case-by-case basis

Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car

5x – If a driver pulls alongside another driver without safety reasons, creating an illegal overtaking situation and/or penalty = 1 License Point for each situation created.
– Minor Collision = 1 License Point + 5 seconds penalty
– Serious collision = 2 License Points + 10 seconds penalty


6d-f – Lapping: obstructing a driver in a sufficiently clear manner, unsafe lapping and/or causing a collision will be penalised according to the race grid reference as appropriate.

6h – Dropping out of the race: Warning
Any actions/accidents caused by the AI will be considered the responsibility of the driver and will be penalised according to the race grid reference based on context.

6i – Re-entering the track: Warning
If the incident causes a collision, collision related penalties will be applied according to the race reference grid based on context.