GT Mistery Championship: EN

Assetto Corsa Competizione

League Specs

Every race day the track is randomly chosen during the briefing from the following list of circuits:

Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, Brands Hatch, Misano, Paul Ricard, Zolder, Barcelona, Nurburgring, Silverstone, Hungaroring, Zandvoort.

Every track that has been driven, cannot be picked up again in the following rounds.

During the briefing, the weather forecast and the in-game start time of the race weekend are also randomly extracted, from which the free practice, qualifying and then the race will start. (Example, 15:00 free practice, 15:30 qualifying, 16:00 race)

Race day: Thursday
20:30 CET – Briefing (+ extractions)
21:00 CET – Free practice
21:35 CET – Qualifying
22:00 CET – Race

Points System

The following point system will be used in the championship:

Race – points given to the top 20 finishers: 50, 45, 40, 36, 32, 28, 24, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Pole sitter: +2 points

Racing Specs

Free Practice: 30 min
Qualifying: 20 min
Race duration: 70 min

Session start time: Random
Weather: Random
Wind: Random
Amb. temperature: 21°
Track grip: Grip Optimum

Car setup: Enabled
Fuel consumption: On
Tyre wear: 1x

Track Medals: 3 in each track
SA rating required: 70
Pit window: None
Refuelling: mandatory
Tyre change: not mandatory

1 – License points system and consequences

Every infringement during the race weekend could correspond to an amount of points that will be added to the points license.

A- 2 license points: qualifying ban for next race in the affected series.
B- 4 license points: race ban for next race in the affected series.
C- 6 license points: Position in the league put under review. If allowed to continue, a 2-race ban will be imposed and the driver will be monitored for the remainder of the season. If this does not happen, the driver is likely to be removed.
Note that all punishments for license points will be handed out on top of the punishment the driver may have received for the incident that put them over the treshold. Every incident will be reviewed according to the specific context where the incident happened, and after the evaluation, license points may be assigned or not.

2 – Qualifying

A- In qualifying, it’s your own responsibility to find free space on the track when starting a flying lap. A car on a flying lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. If you are on in-lap, out-lap, aborted or invalidated lap, you are expected to get out of the way of cars on flying laps without hindering their lap.

B- It is allowed to return to the pits from the pause menu, provided you make sure you are in a safe position that will not be a distraction to any driver who may be coming from behind, out of the ideal line or the track.

C- Drivers are expected to adhere to qualifying bans. This can be classed as either leaving the garage or setting a lap time.

3 – Racing guidelines

Race cleanly at all times. No contact should occur between cars on track, and as a driver you are required to do your best to prevent this from happening. Accidents can happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision, and this is reported to the stewards, then you will be penalised. It is important to have good awareness of where other cars are around you on track, so taking extra care is vital both at the start of a race and in battles.

Pay particular attention to the yellow flags if they are displayed: since there is no Safety Car, it is the driver’s responsibility to expect an accident with cars that may be in the middle of the track and therefore to take the necessary precautions.

A.1- Don’t be too aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car, it is generally your responsibility to complete the overtake in a clean manner.
A.2- Do not force another car alongside yours off the track. Being ‘alongside’ means having the chasing car’s front wing alongside the rear wheels of the defeding car. If two cars are alongside during a corner, they are required to leave enough space for both cars.

Dangerous driving
B.1- Movement in the braking zone is not allowed as this can easily cause incidents. Choose a line going into a braking zone, and follow that line until you reach your turn-in point.
B.2- On straights, weaving and blocking a chasing car is not allowed.
B.3- When defending from an attacking car you are allowed one defensive move. Choose a line to defend and stick to it, and ensure the car behind has time to react to your defensive move.
B.4- Rejoin the track safely. If you spin off the track while other cars are close behind, wait with rejoining the track until it is safe to do so. If you end up sideways or backwards on the track, stay still until any oncoming cars have gone past.

4 – Miscellaneous rules

A- In case of absence, please report it by 6pm on the race day in the appropriate channel on the Discord server.

B- To submit a report, it is required to fill all the fields of the form linked in the Discord channel “report-an-incident”. The time frame within you can submit reports and counter-reports for the completed race weekend is: Sunday at 7pm for reports and Monday at 7pm for counter-reports.

C- Being lapped. When being lapped you’re expected to let the leaders through safely and without time-loss. The new ghosting system during lapping may cause blue flags not to appear, so it’s your responsibility to be aware of the race situation. You are expected to treat the lapping in a normal/traditional way, slowing down off the racing line to allow the lead car through. Don’t carry on at normal race-pace and expect the car on the lead lap to drive through your ghosted car.

D- If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to unlap yourself unless it is safe to do so and doesn’t hinder the car in front.

E- If a server crash occurs, one of the following measures will be taken:

– Crash before 50% of the race, the race session will be restarted immediately if the majority of drivers agree, or postponed to the following Thursday.
– Crash between 50% and 80% of the race, the race will be considered valid but with half of the points awarded.
– Crash after 80% of the race, the race will be considered finished, with maximum points awarded.

F- If a driver crashes and wants to re-enter the server, it is mandatory that the driver selects a non personalized livery, so that it does not cause dangerous freeze to other drivers who are on the track.

G- We reserve the right to intervene with sanctions above the regulations, with or without report, in case of particular recidivism.



2ab.1 – Impeding: +3 positions grid penalty in the next race.
2ab.2 – Impeding with collision: 1 license point + 5 positions grid penalty in the next race.

2c – Ignoring qualifying bans: 2 license point + ban from the next race.

Racing – Collisions

(Classed as minor, moderate or major based on their outcome. It’s a general framework, stewards may downgrade or upgrade certain penalties based on the context)

3a.1 – Minor = 1st time: warning, 2nd time: From 5 to 10 seconds time penalty. (Very light damage, small loss of time or position)
3a.2 – Moderate = From 10 to 20 seconds time penalty + 1 license point. (Noticeable damage, time loss or several positions lost)
3a.3 – Major = At least 20 second time penalty + 2 license points. (A collision that causes a DNF, heavy damage or affects multiple cars)

Anything deemed intentional will be handled separately, outside of license points and ‘general’ rules. A 1st offence may lead to an automatic DSQ from the race it happened in and/or further penalties in the form of race bans.

If an incident is caused by lag, and is proven via video, no action will be taken.

Racing – Dangerous driving

3b.1-4 – (Weaving, multiple defensive moves, moving under braking, dangerous rejoining, …)

– Minor: From warning to 5 second time penalty. (if no collision has occurred)
– Major: From 5 second time penalty to 3 positions grid penalty in the next race. (if collision has occurred).

Miscellaneous rules

4a – Being lapped
– Obstructing a driver on the lead lap severely enough = 1st time: warning, 2nd time: 2 positions grid penalty in the next race.
– Unsafely unlapping yourself: 3 positions grid penalty in the next race.
– Unsafely unlapping yourself and causing a collision: 1 license point + 5 positions grid penalty in the next race.